In my environment I have a constant battle with employees saving items on their desktops and expecting desktop support to be able to recover items when they are lost due to accidental deletion or hardware failure. Desktop remapping is an option but I like to allow users to store personal items on their machine (well at least its better than storing them on the network), hence the simple script below.

The script works by detecting environment variables for the users My Documents (obviously a remapped network location is recommended) and creating a subfolder within it called “Desktop Items”. It then starts a copy process before removing all items except shortcuts and the Personal folder from the users desktop.

If you want to be courteous to your users I also recommend using a GPO preference item to create a shortcut to their “Desktop Items” on their desktop. How you deploy the script is up to you, personally I use group policy preferences to create a shortcut to the powershell.exe in the users start up folder.




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