In October of 2016 I released a script that downloaded drivers and bios updates for Dell client systems and created associated driver packs in SCCM (

A friend of mine works in the UK educational system as an admin and thought it would be nice to have a similar script for his environment, mainly consisting of the UK educational hardware builder Viglen.

So here is version 1.0 of the download script adjusted for Viglen client systems.

The below scripts requires you to specify your driver file share and your SCCM site server name as a variable, it then does the following;

  1. Queries SCCM for a full list of Viglen client products
  2. Downloads the driver INF zip file for each model
  3. Extract the driver INF zip
  4. Import the drivers in the extracted ZIP folder
  5. Create a Category based on the machine model
  6. Create a Driver Package based on the machine model
  7. Imports the associated drivers into the newly created Driver Package

The downloads are stored within sub-folders within the share you specified, e.g;

\\MySCCMServer\Drivers\Viglen 820s\Driver ZIP\
\\MySCCMServer\Drivers\Viglen 820s\Extracted Drivers\

PowerShell Script

To run the script use the following syntax;


The script has Windows 10 x64 specified, however you can change this under the #Define Operating Systems section. Note I have tested Windows 7 & 10 only during building this.


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