If you still have to maintain Java installations in your environment you will probably come up against having machines with multiple versions installed, unless you are running a clean up script for the old releases.

It is however sometimes a requirement to keep a specific release of Java for application compatibility, so what do you do in those scenarios where you want to clean up your old installs but the required version.

The below PowerShell script will do just that. It looks at your installed versions of Java, removes all previous versions and provides you with the option of specifying a version to keep during the process.

Script Download Link – https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/Java-Version-Cleaner-4a73f6be


  • Rosemarie Scanlon
    Posted at 11:47 am 10th February 2017
    Rosemarie Scanlon

    Great site. Handy way of cleaning up Java versions.

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