As you might be aware Microsoft is introducing a new feature in Office 365 called Focused mailbox. The new feature is effectively replacing the clutter inbox that we have become familiar with, but also adds new features such as the ability to highlight people in the body of an email with the use of the @ symbol in front of the person.

More details can be found @

Microsoft are currently in the process of rolling this out, if however you get itchy feet and want to enable the feature yourself simply run the PowerShell command below.
Note that I would not recommend this feature for Shared mailboxes, but if you want to go ahead just remove the filter.

Enable Focused Mail for Your Office 365 Tenant

Enable Focused Mail for All Users

Update : 5/10/2016

Microsoft have delayed the roll-out of this feature, you can still prepare your mailboxes for the focused feature but your Office 365 tenant will need to be focused enabled by Microsoft.

Jetze Mellema has a blog post on this –


  • Jetze Mellema
    Posted at 2:27 pm 5th October 2016
    Jetze Mellema

    Be aware that the feature is not actually deployed, so enabling Focused Inbox with Set-FocusedInbox will not bring any change until Microsoft decides to roll-out the feature.

    Another thing, Get-Mailbox without -Resultsize does return only the first 1000 results. 🙂

    • modalyit
      Posted at 2:33 pm 5th October 2016

      Hi Jetze, indeed you are right enabling the feature at this present time just ensures your mailboxes are enabled for it when Microsoft release the upgrade at the back end. Hopefully this shouldn’t be too far away.

      The -Resultsize switch doesn’t apply to my organisation, but thanks for pointing it out 😉

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